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  1. A Statistical Mechanics-Based Framework to Analyze Ad Hoc Networks with Random
  2. TAM: A Tiered Authentication of Multicast Protocol for Ad-Hoc Networks
  3. Capacity Scaling of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks: Shannon Meets Maxwell
  4. CORMAN: A Novel Cooperative Opportunistic Routing Scheme in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  5. Local Broadcast Algorithms in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks: Reducing the Number of Transmissions
  6. Handling Selfishness in Replica Allocation over a Mobile Ad Hoc Network
  7. Maximal Scheduling in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks with Hypergraph Interference Models
  8. Throughput and Energy Efficiency in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks with Gaussian Channels
  9. Routing Architecture for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
  10. Evaluating Trust in Ad Hoc Network Routing by Induction of Decision Trees
  11. Consensus in Sparse, Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  12. Connectivity of Multiple Cooperative Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks
  13. Cooperative Density Estimation in Random Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
  14. Distributed Private Key Generation for Identity Based Cryptosystems in Ad Hoc Networks
  15. DSDMAC: Dual Sensing Directional MAC Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks with Directional Antennas

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