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  1. A wireless sur veillance and safety system for mine workers based on Zigbee--- (MARCH 2012)
  2. Biometrics Security Concerns --- (JAN2012)
  3. Design of concealed alarm system based on GSM --- (APR 2012)
  4. Design of the Smar t Vehicle Control System Based on ARM --- (APR 2012)
  5. Personalized voice command systems in multi modal user inter face --- (Feb 2012)
  6. A simple model for biometric identification technology using fingerprint scanning ---(MAY 2012)
  7. Double encr yption based secure fuzzy vault constr uction using fingerprint biometric features ---(MARCH 2012)
  8. Electronic voting machine--- (MARCH 2012)
  9. Biometric security based application development and emulation framework - IEEE 802.15.4 for Intensive Care Units--- (April 2012)
  10. Robust Mobile Device Integration of a Fingerprint Biometric Remote Authentication Scheme ---(March 2012)
  11. A uni model person authentication system based on signing sound---- (Jan. 2012)
  12. Multi biometric based authentication using feature level fusion---- (March 2012)

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