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  1. Exploiting Bluetooth on Android mobile devices for home security application---(March 2012)
  2. Environment sensing using Smartphone--- (Feb. 2012)
  3. Design and Evaluation of a Tele monitoring Concept Based on NFC-Enabled Mobile Phones and Sensor Devices--- ( Jan. 2012)
  4. A wireless framework for movement activity monitoring of sprinters ---(March 2012)
  5. Parking spaces detection in indoor environments based on Zigbee ---- (Jan. 2012)
  6. Universal Remote Control on Smartphone----- (June 2012)
  7. “Feel like a Cyborg II” Demonstrative system of robot function---- (June 2012)
  8. A por table ECG recorder ---- (April 2012)
  9. VR-Stamp with DSP- TMS320C6711 for hand-free voice-driven monitoring robots navigation---- (March 2012)

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