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  1. Automatic Error Analysis Using Intervals.
  2. Focus on Your Job Search IEEE.
  3. CAP and Cloud Data Management.
  4. Cloud-Based Networked Visual Servo Control.
  5. Clouds Meet Agents toward intelligent cloud services
  6. Digging Into Data.
  7. Environmental Modeling for Automated Cloud Application Testing.
  8. Logical Data Models For Cloud Computing Architectures.
  9. Payments For Outsourced Computations.
  10. Rise And Fall of the Peer-To-Peer Empire.
  11. Security Challenges For the Public Cloud.
  12. The Future of Authentication.
  13. Automatic Protocol Blocker for Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing in Cloud Computing
  14. Efficient audit service outsourcing for data integrity in clouds.
  15. Cloud Computing Security From Single to Multi-Clouds
  16. ES-MPICH2: A Message Passing Interface with Enhanced Security

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