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  1. Online control of fuzzy based mine detecting robot using virtual instrumentation (APRIL 2012)
  2. Aided Navigation Techniques for Indoor and Outdoor Unmanned Vehicles (MAY 2012)
  3. A system for mobile assisted living (APRIL 2012)
  4. Positioning and Tracing System Study of All Terrain Forest Fire Patrolling and Fighting Vehicle (JAN 2012)
  5. The Design of the Steering Wheel with Anti-fatigue Driving for Vehicles Based on Pattern Recognition (JAN 2012)
  6. An autonomous robot based on a Wheelchair (FEB 2012)
  7. Aerial mapping using autonomous fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle (MARCH 2012)
  8. Robust railway crack detection scheme (RRCDS) using LED-LDR assembly (APRIL 2012)
  9. Interacting Multiple Model Filter -Based Sensor Fusion of GPS With In- Vehicle Sensors for Real- Time Vehicle Positioning (March 2012)
  10. Launch vehicle mission capability enhancement through Global Positioning T racking Unit using COTS components (March 2012)
  11. Design of bio-signal based physical activity monitoring system (Jan. 2012)

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