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  1. A Low-Power Integrated x86–64 and Graphics Processor for Mobile Computing Devices
  2. Improving QoS in High-Speed Mobility Using Bandwidth Maps
  3. SenseLess: A Database-Driven White Spaces Network
  4. A Proxy-Based Architecture for Dynamic Discovery and Invocation of Web Services from Mobile Devices
  5. Building Security into Off-the-Shelf Smartphones
  6. From Context Awareness to Socially Aware Computing
  7. Location-Based Services on Mobile Phones: Minimizing Power Consumption
  8. Ubicomp Systems at 20: ProgressUbicomp Systems at 20: Progress, Opportunities, and Challenges
  9. Routing in pocket switched networks
  10. Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Section: 4G Health—The Long-Term Evolution of m-Health
  11. Smooth Trade-Offs between Throughput and Delay in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  12. FESCIM: Fair, Efficient, and Secure Cooperation Incentive Mechanism for Multihop Cellular Networks
  13. Handling Selfishness in Replica Allocation over a Mobile Ad Hoc Network
  14. Energy-Efficient Strategies for Cooperative Multichannel MAC Protocols
  15. A Trigger Identification Service for Defending Reactive Jammers in WSN.

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