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  1. A Secure Single Sign-On Mechanism for Distributed Computer Networks.
  2. Cloud Data Protection for the Masses.
  3. Detecting and Resolving Firewall Policy Anomalies.
  4. Extending Attack Graph-Based Security Metrics and Aggregating Their Application.
  5. Imagining the Future: Thoughts on Computing.
  6. Improving the Automation of Security Information Management: A Collaborative Approach
  7. Issues and Future Directions in Traffic Classification
  8. Joint Relay and Jammer Selection for Secure Two-Way Relay Networks
  9. Logical Data models for cloud computing architectures
  10. Moving 2 Mishap: M2Mís Impact on Privacy and Safety
  11. Packet-Hiding Methods for Preventing Selective Jamming Attacks Power. Law.
  12. Security Challenges for the Public Cloud
  13. Silver Bullet Talks with Deborah Frincke
  14. Systematic Structural Testing of Firewall Policies
  15. Power.Law
  16. Modeling Air Traffic service
  17. NGSON:Next Generation Service Overlay Network
  18. Indoor Wireless Network of the future Adaptive network architechture
  19. Compact Trible Frequency Antenna for sub GHZ
  20. Toward a MultiplaneFramework of NGSON
  21. Wireless Distributed Computing: A survey of Research Challenge

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