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  1. The integrated design of SWH systems in high-rise buildings for hot-summer and warm-winter climates: Analysis of heat-collecting per formance of the integrated solar system ---(April 2012)
  2. Remote triggered photovoltaic solar cell lab: Effective implementation strategies for Vir tual Labs ---(Jan. 2012)
  3. Smar t Solar Home System with Safety Device Low Voltage Aler t ---(March 2012)
  4. Design of solar photovoltaic micro-power supply for application of wireless sensor nodes in complex illumination environments ---( March 2012)
  5. Design of Qatar University's first solar car for Shell Eco-marathon competition ---(March 2012)
  6. Solar PV as an effective alternative to oil based lamp in the rural Bangladesh ---(Jan. 2012)
  7. Design and per formance analysis of water pumping using solar PV ---(Jan. 2012)
  8. Evaluating solar photovoltaic system per formance using MATLAB ---(March 2012)
  9. Engineering systems in the Re_home: A net-zero, solar -powered house for the U.S. Depar tment of Energy's 2011 Solar Decathlon ---(Feb. 2012)
  10. Load current based analog MPPT controller for PV solar systems ---(Feb. 2012)
  11. The Wireless Monitoring System of Solar Receiver ---(Jan. 2012)
  12. Wind energy conversion system: A review ---(March 2012)
  13. Determination of Shor t- T erm Power Dispatch Schedule for a Wind Farm Incorporated With Dual-Batter y Energy Storage Scheme ---(Jan. 2012)
  14. Dual input, small power , PV and wind energy conversion system---(May 2012)

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